Erik Herrera
Erik Herrera is a photographer born and raised in San Diego, Ca. Born to Mexican immigrant parents, Erik found himself honing his artistic abilities after arriving home from school during childhood. With early help from his father, guitar and drawing were quick and accessible mediums that became easy for him to learn and develop over time. Throughout his youth, Erik’s surroundings were inescapably saturated with multicultural extremes. Growing up alongside refugees, immigrants, different races, and people of various religious faiths, San Diego taught him just how unique, and sometimes incompatible, we are all from one another.
He works primarily inside of Southern California covering assignments ranging from Donald Trump rallies, immigration protests, and the organized chaos along the San Diego and Tijuana international border. His pilgrimages to central Mexico serve to capture and preserve the stark contrasts found between his relatives residing in both the rural desert towns in the state of Durango and the densely populated barrios of Mexico City.
Erik acquired his first camera during the spring of 2009, and, over ten years later, has developed a style that is true to his vision and concepts. Being the first-generation American in his family, his style is reminiscent of both traditional blue-collar Mexican customs, and mid 90s American values.

Artist's Statement
I aspire to show that life is connected to everything. We all see and unsee the same light that shapes our experiences, our true selves. I share myself in every photo, but I have the habit of hiding who I am behind the work I produce. I’m in them somewhere, preserving the language of sun worship.

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