This documents older Chicano generations during the time where aesthetics from their culture are being utilized for mass marketing and instant online gratification. The increase in both appears to have sparked erasure of the Chicano identity. This erasure is nurtured in part by the younger generations of Chicanos. Local, brown owned businesses in these neighborhoods play a direct role in the rising costs of the same time, they fight against gentrification.

The 60s sparked what will soon be the majority in the United States. A people and culture that would imbed itself in everything across the nation from blue-collar to politics. It was only a matter of time before the country fell in love with Chicanos. Now, with the changing of words(ie latinx, chicanx), their definitions, along with increasing commercialization and branding of Mexican-American culture, it is now more difficult than before for the average person to understand what really is a “Chicano.” 
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